Welcome to Youth Merit!  We are a FREE program offered to Washington State Horsemen members dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact on volunteers and communities in Washington State.

Offer a program that will satisfy the needs of the current WSH Junior Members and attract new ones to WSH.  
Provide an opportunity for Junior WSH Members to advance and broaden their knowledge of horses.
Encourage youth to expand their horizons and participate in new activities, both with and without horses.
Stimulate youth not only to develop new skills, but also to increase their proficiency at those they already possess.
Recognize activities of youth in their club, school, and community, as well as reward contributions that benefit such organizations.
Reward, in a tangible fashion, those youth who attain their required level of accomplishment.

Washington State Horsemen recognizes that our youth are the future of the organization.  The Youth Merit program was created to insure that there was something for everyone.  Youth ages 17 and under may find themselves involved in further studies of breeds, horse health, tack, and specific disciplines (both inside and outside of WSH).  Often Zones will also conduct meetings and clinics for further hands-on experience.

Through the program, Youth Merit members are given the chance to:
Develop self-confidence and improve self-esteem 
Learn communication and public speaking skills 
Win awards, including U.S. Savings Bonds
Set and achieve goals 
Develop the use of effective leadership skills 
Make a difference in their community 
Have fun 
If you are 18 or older and want to volunteer, we have a place for you as well. Zone Advisors organize activities and help members set and achieve goals while having fun.  Please contact your Zone President or one of the Youth Merit Chairs if you are interested in serving as a Zone Advisor.

If you participate in Youth Merit every year, thanks for your support and participation. If you have not participated in recent years, join us and see what you have been missing!  We urge you to take time to visit the new website pages to see for yourself the benefits youth enjoy when enrolled in Youth Merit.   This program is the one place where all of us can enjoy our unique diversity, patch-worked together, solely for the pleasure and amusement of those who make the wise decision to participate.

Points and Awards
Our youth are considered to be some of the best in the State.  Many of you are completing tasks daily through school, community service, and riding that you may be earning credit for through the Youth Merit program.  I encourage you to take the time to review the point system listed and begin your journey to earning these tangible awards.

50  Participation Plaque and Certificate
100Certificate of Merit and Yellow Tag
200Certificate of Excellence and Red Tag
300Honor of Excellence Certificate and Blue Tag, T-Shirt
500Bronze Medallion
650Superior Jacket
800Silver Medallion
1,000     Supreme Belt Buckle
1,200     Gold Medallion
1,400     $100 U.S. Savings Bond
1,600     $150 U.S. Savings Bond
1,800     $200 U.S. Savings Bond

Points count from the date of enrollment providing you are a current WSH member.  Credit is not given for tasks that are accomplished prior to enrolling.  Points are carried forward into the next year without interruption.  Tasks cannot be redone unless they are marked with a * or they were not done in a prior year.  Additional points cannot be earned unless dues for the new year have been paid and the new WSH membership number is turned into the Youth Merit Advisor by MARCH 15TH.

Youth Merit members may earn up to one medallion level each year.  For example, a youth earning 650 points their first year will receive the Participation Plaque, Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Excellence, Honor of Excellence, and Bronze Medallion.  The following year, they will receive the Superior Jacket as long as the Youth Merit member earns at least 100 new points during the year.

U.S. Savings Bonds.  In order to receive a U.S. Savings Bond, Youth Merit members must earn the minimum points listed, write a 500+ word essay, and present the essay at Convention.  If unable to attend Convention, a video recording of the essay must be sent ahead of Convention to one of the Youth Merit Chairs.  Only one Savings Bond will be awarded per year to a Youth Merit member.

Verification of task performance is the signature of an adult (preferably not a parent of the youth) who can verify, based on personal knowledge that the task was satisfactorily completed.  The completion certification date must be given.  The adult should include his/her title (show official, club officer or relationship).

The deadline for submitting records for awards to be presented at the current year’s Convention is September 1.  All awards will be presented annually at the WSH Convention.  Those unable to attend will receive their awards via their Zone Advisor and/or mail.

How to Enroll
Enrolling in the WSH Youth Merit program is as easy as A, B, C.
A.The first step is to become an ACTIVE Washington State Horsemen member.
B.BE 17 years of age and under as of August 1.
C.Next, COMPLETE the form below and return it to one of the State Chairs.

Youth Merit members must enroll / renew each year.

The Youth Merit program workbooks are available for members to download and print and the WSH site (www.wshorsemen.com).  Each of the books is in pdf format and Adobe Acrobat will be required to open them.

Contact Us
Locally, the Youth Merit program is coordinated by the Northeast Zone Advisor.  The group holds monthly meetings.  Should you have any questions regarding the program or the date of the next meeting do not hesitate to contact the Advisor.  


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