Welcome Friends,
This division is comprised of a group of horsemen that find owning a horse a pleasure and riding them on trails a relaxing hobby. Safety is stressed on the trails, both for humans and livestock. We try to keep up on trail conditions as the information becomes available, and post up and coming rides as we hear of them.

Each year our riders pay a fee and submit their hours ridden. It is a friendly competition between horsemen. To the rider, it's just fun to see how many miles they can ride in a year. Makes those feed bills not seem so bad!

The Trails & Pleasure Division is made of comprised of 3 different sections and 2 age groups: Riding, In Hand & Driving in 17 & under & 18 & Over.

For more Information on WSH/NEZ Trails & Pleasure contact:

Forms forĀ  NEZ are available on the Standing Rules. Forms and Entry's page.