Forms/Standing Rules/Entries
2012 NEZ Standing Rules. Updated 3/2012
A quick way for you to look up the forms & signups for 
Washington State Horsemen and the Northeast Zone...
Washington State Horsemen Membership Sign Up Form 

This is the first step to becoming a member of WSH/NEZ,
whether it's for horse shows, gaming, or trails & pleasure. 

Membership is: Individual dues, per person   $22+1= $23 
Family dues are $31+1= $32  
Youth membership (18 & under): is $10 if no other person in the family joins.
For non club membership go directly to the Washington State Horsmen's website

Northeast Zone Signup Forms: Horse Show Division, Games Division, Trails & Pleasure Division.
2016 Games Division: R Number Registration Form:

Washington State Horsemen
Horse Show Division Information: HP/ROM/AMATURE:
This includes all the forms for the WSH High Point Program
ROM Program and Amateur Card.
Please note this is separate from the NEZ High Point Program, you
must be a member of Washington State Horsemen to participate in 
either program & sign up separately. You may join thur a club or 
as an independant (club membership saves you some money) For 
club membership us the NEZ packet form above. There is also the
form for independent in packet below. 

2017 Horse Show Division High Score Awards Sign-Up Form
WSH signup thru a Club: KOS or Four Seasons. This is the complete packet includes WSH Signup, Horse show Calendar, NEZ Horse Show signup & NEZ Dressage Signup.

       2014 Games Division Standing Rules Changes Proposals:
NEZ Administrative Forms:

2017 NEZ Trails & Pleasure Forms: 
This is a separate program from the WSH Trails & Pleasure, You must be a current member of WSH to sign up. (form below says 2015 but its the same form)